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PrepLogic helps you become a virtualization master with our total training for VMWare. Virtualization is so hot because it dramatically improves your efficiency and resources. With VMWare you can completely virtualize your system, including the CPU, RAM, hard disk and network controller. Now you can create "virtual machines" within your computer! You eliminate the potential conflicts and increase the capabilities of your existing hardware. Think about it. You can run Windows, Linux, and Mac OS on the same machine. You can run a completely separate instance of Windows on your Mac. And those are just some of the cool things you can do on a single computer. The value of VMWare really kicks in when you apply it to your server. This training will show you how to use VMWare VSphere, the industry's first cloud operating system. It gives you the power to scale hundreds of physical computers together into a single infrastructure. Your applications will no longer have to be assigned to individual servers, storage or network bandwidth. Now you can dynamically assign the resources of your hardware exactly where it's needed.

Use VMWare LearnSmart Video Training to get the real-world training you need and master the skills you must have to get certified.
LearnSmart Video Training
VMWare VMWare Certified Professional (VCP)

Item: 011937
Gain in-depth Virtual Infrastructure Administrator (VCP-310) knowledge from industry-leading instructor Tom Carpenter. Tom combines technical knowledge with real-world experience to help you learn, retain, and apply the skills taught in this comprehensive training product. This LearnSmart Video Training presentation will be an invaluable aid that can help you pass your VMWare Certified Professional Exam VCP-310.
8 Hours of Instruction
Online Access
Industry expert instructors
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