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Solutions for Government and Military

Located in the shadow of the United States Central Command of MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida, LearnSmart designs, develops and provides IT skills, technology and productivity training for government and military institutions. Our fully featured courses can help bring your people up to stringent standards of productivity and compliance. LearnSmart provides solutions that can be delivered online or in secure, behind-the-firewall packages. To find out how LearnSmart can help you reach your goals and meet your obligations, contact our Government and Military Solutions experts at 1-800-418-6789. See a course list.

DoD Directive 8570.1

US Department of Defense Directive 8570.1 is part the Department of Defense program called the "National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace." This program was started to keep our national data and technology safe. LearnSmart can help your government department or contracted business stay in step with Directive 8570.1.

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Get the knowledge you need to keep your company compliant with DoD Directive 8570 through this free whitepaper from LearnSmart. The Department of Defense Directive 8570 Whitepaper helps clarify all of the complex questions that this challenging directive generates. Download your free whitepaper today and get the info you need to get compliant now.

Trust LearnSmart for your Military Training Needs:

  • Compliance audits and strategy
  • Consulting services and training
  • IAT Certification training
  • CompTIA A+, Network+ and Security+
  • CISSP®, SSCP® and CASP™

Fully Compliant with Better Outcomes

Most contractors who interact with the DoD have a percentage of Information Assurance personnel that aren't certified. If you want to continue your DoD business, the burden is on you to ensure that they become compliant. In addition, it's probable that new team members and employees will have to become certified under your watch. Add that to the recertification requirements and you can tell that you have a significant need for certification training. To ensure that you get the most reliable training that meets your time and budget you should develop a training plan. LearnSmart can help you develop a training strategy that gives you the best results for your dollar and helps you continue to benefit from your valuable DoD contracts. Find out more about LearnSmart training strategies by calling our DoD 8570.1 support center at 1-800-418-6789.

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