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Server+ Certification

CompTIA’s Server+ certification is meant for mid- to upper-level technicians responsible for server hardware functionality. It is a mid-level, vendor-neutral certification which is a pertinent complement to vendor-specific networking certifications. Although there are no prerequisites for this certification, CompTIA recommends that you possess the A+ and Network+ certifications. This certification is well suited to system administrators. The Server+ designation is achieved by passing one conventional format exam that covers server issues such as installation, configuration, upgrading, maintenance, troubleshooting and disaster recovery. The Server+ certification thus demonstrates the candidate’s foundation-level knowledge of hardware support. Like other CompTIA offerings, once a person achieves the Server+, the certification will not expire.

Learn Everything for Server+

Use Server+ LearnSmart Video Training to learn all of the most important skills and pass your certification exam. When you complete this CBT course, you'll be an expert on the following "must-know" skills for your certification. Session 1 of Server+ LearnSmart Video Training features nine sections of Server+ certification training. Section A: Introduction covers Assumed Knowledge,,Prerequisites, Server Administration Importation, Server+ Exam Domains and Exam Tips. Section B: Server Types helps you learn Blade Servers, Tower Servers, Rack-Mount Servers, Network Layer Servers, Access Servers, , etwork Service Servers, User Service Servers and Application Server Models. In Section C: Administering Servers you'll learn about Web Server, Windows IIS, Firewall Server, DNS Server, DHCP Server and Database Server. Section D: Bus Technologies covers System Bus, PCI, PCI Bus Mastering, PCI Hot Swap, Bus Standards Compared and Hierarchical and Peer PCI. Section E: Internal Server Storage focuses on SCSI Overview, SCSI-1, SCSI-2, SCSI-3, Newer SCSI Standards, LVD and HVD, Multimode and Single Ended, Connecting SCSI Devices, IDE Systems, ATA Implementations and SATA Implementations. Section F: External Server Storage provides instruction on Fibre Channel Overview, Fibre Channel Interfaces, Fibre Channel Arrays, SMF vs. MMF, Fibre Channel Connectors, Fibre Channel Speeds, Fibre Channel Architectures, iSCSI, FCIP and NAS vs. SAN. Section G: RAID provides training for your exam on Understanding RAID, RAID Benefits, RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, Layered RAID and Advanced RAID. Section H: Processors and Memory covers Multiprocessing, Multi vs. Dual Processors, Processes, Threads, and Fibers, 64-Bit Processor, 64-Bit Processor and Memory, WOW32 and WOW64, 64-Bit Operating System, Server Memory and Advanced Memory Features.

Server+ LearnSmart Video Training features eight sections of Server+ certification training in Session 2. Section A: High Availability is focused on Understanding Availability, Availability Step, Availability Solutions, Clustering, Fault Tolerance, Replication, Scalability, Server Types and Availability. Section B: Server Installation covers Planning, Gaining Approval, Validating the Plan, Upon Receipt, Configuration Documentation, Stabilization and OS Interface Updates. Section C: Configuring Servers gives you detailed info on In-Band and Out-of-Band, In-Band Processing, Management Plans, BIOS Settings, BIOS Failure, Avoiding BIOS Problems and Documentation. Section D: Configuring RAID details RAID Setup, Striped Volume and Mirrored Volume. Section E: Configuring Peripherals shows you about UPS, UPS Load Requirements, UPS Upgrades, UPS Replacement, UPS Management, Backup Devices, Data Storage, KVM Devices and General Guidelines. Section F: Network Operating Systems provides instruction about NOS Overview, NOS Install Process, Installing Windows Server, Windows Setup Options and Post-Installation Tasks. In Section G: Management Services, your instructor will cover SNMP, SNMP Communications, SNMP over TCP/IP, DMI, IPMI, Event Logs, System Monitoring Agent and BLAT. The final section of Server+ LearnSmart Video Training is Section H: Backup and Restoration. This lesson features topics such as Backup Solutions, Recovery Disks, Backup Types, Backup Media, Backup Schedules and Documenting Backups.

There are eight sections of certification training in Session 3 of Server+ (SK0-002) LearnSmart Video Training. The first section is Section A: Upgrading Processors and Memory. It covers Upgrade Tips, Processor Checklist, Adding Memory, Memory Installation, Advanced Memory Steps and OS Memory Settings. Section B: Adding Hard Drives helps you understand Hard Drive Types, Drive Troubleshooting, Adding More Drives, Add Drives Demonstration and Storage Configuration Options. In Section C: Creating Baselines, you'll learn the info you need for your certification exam on Understanding Performance Analysis, Processor Utilization, Process, Privilege, and User Time, System Monitor, Disk Utilization, Memory and Network Utilization and Bottlenecks. Section D: Performance Optimization covers many important subjects for your exam, such as Cleaning Your Server, Cleaning Schedules, Cable Management, Change Management, Networking Technologies, Cable Connections, RJ-45 Cabling, Optimizing BIOS Settings, Optimizing OS Performance and Optimizing Services. Section E: Physical Security is about Physical Security Defined, Server Security, Data Security, Backup Security and Security Incidents. Section F: Troubleshooting challenges your problem-solving skills with topics including Environmental Issues, Troubleshooting Process, Proper Shutdown Process, Troubleshooting Tools, Command Line Tools, FRUs and REACT. Section G: Disaster Recovery is your worst-case scenario training with instruction on Recovery Plan, Sample Recovery Plan, When Disaster Strikes, Redundancy and Backup Rotations.

Unlimited Access to Everything for Server+

With PrepLogic’s Unlimited Access program, you get open access to every PrepLogic product, skill and certification, including Server+. To find out how you can get started on the Unlimited Access program, call PrepLogic at 1-800-418-6789.

CompTIA’s Server+ 2009 exam SK0-003 is the only exam required to achieve the Server+ 2009 certification. It is meant for mid- to upper-level technicians responsible for server hardware functionality. These technicians likely have the titles: system administrator or network administrator. This exam has no prerequisites but CompTIA recommends you possess the A+ and Network+ certifications.

The topics covered by this exam include:

  • System Hardware
  • Software
  • Storage
  • IT Environment
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Troubleshooting