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LearnSmart helped Centuria with custom training solutions for their workforce.

LearnSmart SaaS

LearnSmart Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) lowers costs and simplifies your IT training. LearnSmart uses the power of cloud computing to provide technology, productivity and skills training and secure, easy administration. LearnSmart Software-as-a-Service is a comprehensive hosted training solution for organizations that want to lower costs and simplify training administration by using the LearnSmart Online Cloud Classroom and LearnSmart Admin Console. LearnSmart is fully compatible with:

  • Smartphones and Tablets (Apple ios/Android)
  • Desktop PCs
  • Laptops, netbooks and notebooks

LearnSmart Cloud Classroom courses are modularized and offered as comprehensive libraries or individual courses; all hosted securely to meet your unique needs. The LearnSmart SaaS solution enables organizations to train people on today's ubiquitous mobile platforms.

Collaborative Learning

LearnSmart Software-as-a-Service training helps your business leverage its training dollars to provide staff members with an effective, collaborative training experience that's full-featured and traceable. The result is great training results along with the progress reports to document ROI.


Each of your team members is provided with a unique I.D. that your administrators control. Add, remove, or review the coursework and courseload of each member easily through the Admin Control Panel. See the trends and pitfalls of your training programs via extensive full-color charts and reports. Upcoming social features will truly bring the training experience to the next level. No other solution offers the features and the ROI of the LearnSmart Cloud Classroom.

  • Assign courses and licenses to individuals or groups
  • Easily add, edit and administer users
  • Full-color reports document performance

Simplified Administration

The power of the LearnSmart Software-as-a-Service solution is in the ease of use and convenience your users and administrators enjoy -- and the cost benefits that come along with that. The administration of your LearnSmart training is easier than ever before. Our Admin Console helps you stay in full control of your program and allows you to see your progress at the press of a button.

The Admin Console Dashboard options allow you to administer members, grant or revoke access, view reports or simply access training courses. See the time spent training per user and review reports that allow you to view performance. All features are available quickly and cleanly through our online cloud interface.

Take the Worry out of IT

The LearnSmart Cloud Classroom is fully integrated and does not require installing additional hardware. It is designed to facilitate learning with advanced courseware and features, all delivered through the cloud and managed from a single console. It offers your organization a worry-free environment of effective skills training, high availability, security and documentation.

  • Secure and up-to-date courseware
  • Predictable budgeting
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Simplified administration

The LearnSmart solution replaces capital investments with special incentive pricing managed as operational expenses. It transfers the risks involved with the management of additional hardware and software and deploys rapidly. The LearnSmart Cloud Classroom courseware stays current via automatic updates that are transparent to the end user. The entire suite is integrated and managed from one central management console.


Flexible Training Plans

LearnSmart Custom Training Libraries offer users the precise selection of courses required for successful training outcomes. From our Ultimate Access total training solution, to our targeted Microsoft Complete Library and IT Foundations Library, LearnSmart provides the training users need. Ultimate Access is LearnSmart's total training solution offering checkin-checkout access to our entire selection of IT technology courses

The Microsoft Complete Training Library provides start to finish training for the wide variety of skills and certifications that make up Microsoft's MCITP, MCTS and MCSE programs. The IT Fundamentals Library helps users get started with the complete training they'll need for the first five years of their career.

Convenient Billing

With a Saas managed LearnSmart training program you'll enjoy predictable and affordable billing that is convenient and streamlined. With the reporting features of your LearnSmart program, calculating and quantifying the value of your training activities offers simple, robust evidence of your training ROI.

To learn more about our simple and convenient billing plans and negotiated package prices, contact LearnSmart volume sales at 1-800-418-6789.