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Microsoft Certification Training from LearnSmart

Microsoft certifications are among the most valuable and respected credentials in the world. More companies run their business on Microsoft than any other vendor, which makes holding a Microsoft certification essential. LearnSmart has helped people improve their careers with Microsoft certification training for over 12 years. The popularity of Microsoft certification comes from the need for individuals with training on the various Microsoft Networking, Security and Database software that is so prevalent in the business community. Many of the large companies that utilize Microsoft products require that their employees hold Microsoft certifications as a requirement for employment. These certifications help speed up the due diligence a company must perform to validate a potential employee's skills on Microsoft software. LearnSmart can help you earn the Microsoft certifications you need to give you the edge in your search for new and improved employment opportunities.

Which Microsoft Certification is right for you?

Microsoft certifications come in as many options as Microsoft software. The Microsoft certification track you choose should be based on your personal career need and the software you need to master. To help you make a smart choice, here's a rundown of the major Microsoft certifications available to you.

Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP)

Server 2008 was released last February and is now quickly becoming the predominant server OS in the industry. With sales and installs of Server 2008 quickly ramping up, many people feel that now is the time for you to start preparing yourself for the MCITP certifications. MCITP is the new wave of Microsoft certifications that focus on the new Server 2008 technology. And just like it's predecessors (MCSE 2000 and 2003), the MCITP requires you to pass a long series of challenging certification exams. Learn more about the MCITP certification.

The MCITP is part of Microsoft's Master Series of certifications, the most recent offering of Microsoft certifications. This group of Microsoft certifications is a smart choice for a professional who has the luxury of working with the newest and most recent Microsoft software. The need for these new Microsoft certifications arose for a number of reasons. As more new Microsoft technology was released, it became necessary for new certifications to validate someone's mastery of the technology. Microsoft shifted their corporate focus and support from the earlier Microsoft Windows Server 2003 to the newer and more advanced Microsoft Windows Server 2008. Microsoft's new certification series matched the company's corporate focus. In addition, the new Microsoft certifications carry a more appropriate title for the person who earns the certification. Previous Microsoft certifications classify candidates as "engineers." The new Microsoft certifications give the more accurate title of "professional" to those who earn the certification. This is a much clearer designation, especially in European countries where there are very specific requirements to be called an engineer. This is of benefit to you, because it clarifies your role and your skills to potential employers and clients. To learn more about your MCITP certification, call LearnSmart at 1-800-418-6789 or check out our Microsoft training store.

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)

The most prevalent Microsoft certification is the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. This certification is for professionals with the ability to judge business requirements and then subsequently design and implement a business solution infrastructure with the Microsoft Windows Server System™. The MCSE was based originally on the Windows Server 2000 platform and was updated when the Windows Server 2003 MCSE emerged in the summer of 2003, three years after the introduction of the Windows 2000 MCSE. This Microsoft certification has no specific prerequisites, although the vendor indicates that candidates should also have at least one year of experience implementing and administering network operating systems and desktop operating systems. Learn more about the MCSE certification.

Many experts believe that earning your Microsoft MCSE certification will give you career stability in even the tightest job markets. Because Microsoft Server 2003 is the most widely used server operating system in the world, there are more opportunities for MCSE certified pros than any other certification. Thousands of organizations around the world need teams of MCSEs to maintain their systems. And it is likely to remain that way for years as the economy delays the adoption of Server 2008. Your MCSE certifications never expire and will always validate your skills with advanced Microsoft networking, security and messaging technologies. It remains to be seen if the relevance of this Microsoft certification will diminish over time as the community transitions from the use of Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008.

In recent years, the industry has been favoring employees with "cross-role" job skills. Companies actively and aggressively pursue people with multiple Microsoft certifications, especially the MCSE. This collection of Microsoft certifications is particularly well-rounded, as it includes useful specialized certifications such as the MCSE Security and MCSE Messaging certifications. With help from LearnSmart, an individual can get complete training for Microsoft's MCSE, MCSE Security and MCSE Messaging certifications.

More people earn executive class salaries with MCSE than any other certification. This credential is universally recognized and respected around the world. For individuals with MCSE certifications, the average annual salary is over $72,000. Passing your seven MCSE exams is the only way you can become a certified Server 2003 engineer. By adding just three extra exams you can earn your MCSE Security and Messaging. To learn more about the MCSE certification, please call LearnSmart at 1-800-418-6789.

Microsoft Certification Training

LearnSmart's collection of Microsoft certification training gives you the materials and the schedule to train, practice and pass every exam you need for your certification. Whether you've chosen to pursue your MCITP, the newest Microsoft certification, or the reliable MCSE Microsoft certification, LearnSmart can help you on your way. Our panel of expert Microsoft trainers develops training products and media to keep you on pace, without overextending yourself. LearnSmart helps maximize your time, allowing you to properly and successfully prepare for each of your Microsoft certification exams without making sacrifices in your personal or professional schedules.

LearnSmart Video Training for Your
Microsoft Certification

LearnSmart Video Training is the smartest, fastest and most effective way to pass your Microsoft certification exams. It provides an easy-to-use interface and friendly, knowledgeable hosts who show you everything you need to pass. The experts who provide the instruction in these courses are the most respected names in the Microsoft certification industry. LearnSmart is the perfect solution for the person who needs to enhance their resume with valuable Microsoft certifications, but can’t afford the exorbitant time and expense of college classes, boot camps and inferior video training courses. Get Total Microsoft certification Training with Ultimate Access

Get Total Microsoft Certification Training with Ultimate Access

Ultimate Access gives you total, unrestricted access to LearnSmart's entire video training library, including every course for your Microsoft certification. It's the most effective, reliable and affordable Microsoft certification training available. To find out how you can get Ultimate Access to our entire collection of Microsoft certification training and more, please call LearnSmart at 1-800-418-6789.

Most Popular Microsoft Certifications

MCITP: Enterprise Administrator

This Microsoft certification demonstrates your skills in Windows infrastructure design for job roles such as:

  • Enterprise systems administrator
  • IT systems manager
  • Enterprise security administrator
  • Systems architect
  • Network administrator

MCITP: Server Administrator

Earn this Microsoft certification to shows your Windows Server 2008 leadership and problem-solving skills for job roles including:

  • Windows server administrator
  • Server systems administrator
  • Monitoring operator
  • Network administrator

MCITP: Database Administrator

Certify your abilities in the hot IT field of database administration with this Microsoft certification. Prove your skills in:

  • Installation/configuration SQL Server
  • Multidimensional databases, user accounts, db availability,
    recovery and reporting
  • Server automation and
  • Monitor and troubleshoot SQL Server activity

Someone who chose to earn each of these Microsoft certifications will have three of the most valuable certifications on their transcript and the skills necessary to perform the following job roles:

MCSE 2003

  • Manage, Maintain Windows Server 2003
  • Implement Complex Windows Network Infrastructures
  • Configure and Manage Client and Server Operating Systems

MCSE Security

  • Design Security for Server 2003 Networks
  • Internet Security and Acceleration

MCSE Messaging

  • Implement and Manage Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Design Messaging for Networks up to 50,000 users