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Academic and Education Solutions

Record numbers of people around the globe are searching for new positions. That, coupled with people initially entering the workforce has created an enormous demand for IT skills. LearnSmart helps educators provide the training required to prepare students at schools, learning facilities, education centers and other academic institutions. LearnSmart helps enhance and support courses for IT technology in networking, security, database management, project management and more. Additionally, LearnSmart can help your institution provide training for IT certifications from Microsoft, CompTIA, Cisco and countless others. We can help you set up your course syllabus, provide custom reporting and testing and facilitate delivery to your students online or in a networked solution.

LearnSmart Enhanced Classroom Learning

LearnSmart improves the classroom experience with our Online Cloud Classroom suite of video training, assessment quizzes, prescriptive learning, audio training, practice exams and personal training system. To find out how you can integrate a LearnSmart Education Training solution into your academic program, contact a LearnSmart Education Sales rep today at 1-800-418-6789.

  • A specialized knowledge of current IT methodologies
  • The ability to develop, deploy, and calculate true ROI for green IT initiatives
  • Knowledge of cost-cutting power management and IT virtualization techniques
  • Proven understanding of environmentally-sound waste disposal
  • An awareness of global organizations mandating standards and regulations

LearnSmart SaaS

  • Delivers high-quality online training
  • Bridges gap between your training needs and your positive outcomes

LAN/Firewall LMS Access

  • When an online solution isn't in the cards
  • Provides complete, effective behind-the-firewall training solutions

Online Cloud Classroom

  • Total training experience with extensive training assessments
  • Prescriptive learning, full instruction, personal training and Certificate of Mastery upon completion

Instructor Led Training

  • Help your people learn with on-site and remote access classes
  • Instructors give the individual and hands-on attention necessary

Off-Site Bootcamps

  • Offer an ideal, collaborative training atmosphere
  • For individuals and groups from your team

Social Learning

  • LearnSmart brings a blended learning, social media approach to our e-learning
  • Makes the experience rewarding and entertaining

Helping You Provide the Best

Today's academic landscape is challenging as well-intentioned educators try to navigate a landscape of shrinking budgets and reduced resources. LearnSmart understands the limitations present in today's economy and finds creative ways to leverage the determination of caring educators and our advanced training tools to meet the needs of students everywhere. Find out today what role LearnSmart can play in helping you meet and exceed your goals as an educator. Contact our Education Sales Team today at 1-800-418-6789.

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