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Learning Solutions

LearnSmart is the leader in identifying unique learning opportunities for your company and providing the solutions that will keep your organization a well-oiled machine. The key skill we employ to do this is listening. We listen to your specific goals and match that input with products that meet your requirements.

Creating solutions for you

  • Listening to the needs of your business
  • Developing training programs that highlight your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses
  • Reporting metrics to demonstrate ROI

LearnSmart helps you develop corporate training solutions based on your business needs. LearnSmart can be your trusted provider for solutions that meet your professional development initiatives as well as solutions that meet your internal corporate needs from a technology or staffing standpoint. Our trained staff of advisors have years of experience in creating and developing solutions for you. To find out how LearnSmart can get you started with your solution, contact our Solutions Department today at 1-800-418-6789.

Small to Medium Business

Our solutions for Small to Medium Sized Businesses are well defined, clear and meet your company's need for rate of return, total cost of ownership and quality training. Our solutions are tailored to your business need and your business size.

Enterprise Solutions

Training for the enterprise requires corporate stability and volume course availability. LearnSmart provides both as your trusted, respected and qualified partner for enterprise level courseware. Our enterprise solutions provide robust returns in the productivity and performance of your corporate staff.

Government and Military Solutions

Government acquisition agents and government contractors can trust LearnSmart for solutions to the highly demanding training needs in the armed forces. LearnSmart is well versed in DOD Directive 8570.1 and can help your company become fully compliant.

Our training for military requirements in networking, security and general IT is designed to be thorough, complete and compliant. To find out how LearnSmart can meet your military training needs, speak to a LearnSmart military specialist today.

IT Certification

In many industries it is imperative that your employees are certified in order to win contracts or comply with military edicts. LearnSmart is well-versed in the requirements and the training necessary for your team to meet its quota for professional development credentials. Find out more about our IT certification solutions.

Project Management

The growing need for project managers has called for many companies to require a project management training solution. LearnSmart can help your company develop a project management office or simply develop project managers that meet your organizational management style. Learn more about Project Management solutions from LearnSmart.

Employee Development

Developing management from within is a cost effective way to strengthen the core of your business. LearnSmart can help you define and develop a solution that provides training, encouragement and guidance for the individuals on your team that you would like to build into effective future leaders.

Business and Leadership Skills

There is a wealth of good (and bad!) training for managers and leaders. LearnSmart helps distill that information down into a wide variety of quality courses that can help your mid to senior level management improve their skills and lead your company to greater future achievements. Learn about LearnSmart's solutions for business and leadership.

Sustainable Learning

LearnSmart has many obligations, not the least of which is to the environment in which we operate. As a highly technological and digital business, LearnSmart has a corporate goal to offer the same effective solutions with a minimal footprint on the environment. Read about some of LearnSmart's green initiatives and sustainable learning principles that can help you meet the environmentally conscious requirements of your community.

Custom Course Development

LearnSmart can author, film and develop custom courses that are built specifically for content determined by your company. From compliance based courses to niche technologies, LearnSmart has experienced instructors to work with and for you.


LearnSmart can be your partner in the Education arena. We give you the opportunity to solidify, enhance or develop an educational training program with custom courseware, off the shelf curriculum or other blended learning options. Contact an educational rep today to learn how LearnSmart can improve your educational endeavor.