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Go Mobile with LearnSmart

Learn Anywhere. iPad, iPhone, Android...

Experiencing the benefits of the latest technology doesn't stop just because you're training. Every course within the IT Foundations Library is fully compatible with the latest mobile technology. IT Foundations gives you the mobility you deserve with training that's fully compatible with today's most amazing portable devices including Apple (iPad, iPhone, iPod), Blackberry, Android and more. Today's learner isn't burdened by classrooms, schedules, or life. Learn wherever you want and train whenever life offers you the chance. But it's not just for your mobile device, LearnSmart works perfectly on your PC and Mac as well. Whether it's at home or your favorite coffee shop, IT Foundations gives you freedom and mobility to learn anywhere.

It’s Not Just for Angry Birds

Mobile devices have changed the world. LearnSmart has architected a custom user experience that's optimized for the compact screens found on your iPad, tablet, and Smartphone. Each course can be used to its fullest on your iPhone or Android device for full course access from anywhere. You're easily able to enjoy video lessons, audio books and supplemental material anywhere you go. Turn those extra hours at the airport into quality study time. Use your lunch break to the fullest and learn the skills you'll need for a better job. LearnSmart is the only technology training to give you true mobility and the IT Foundations Library brings all the courses you need directly to you.

Learn Anywhere

Coffee shops. McDonald’s. The Library. The Mall. LearnSmart lets you learn everywhere. IT Foundations provides a crisp, smooth interface that's optimized for the compact screens found on your tablet or Smartphone. Enjoy your morning latte over Tom Carpenter’s detailed explanation of Subnetting and Cisco routers. Or sneak in a quick session on Configuring Active Directory while riding the morning train or carpooling with colleagues. Whether it’s on your laptop, iPad, or Android phone, LearnSmart gives you the power to use your training wherever life allows. Use the convenience of mobility to take control and make the smartest use of your time. LearnSmart gives you back your life.

WiFi - 3G, Anything Will Do

IT Foundations can be used anywhere an internet connection is available. Whether it’s Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G, your training is ready for you no matter which wireless carrier you prefer. In our modern world, Wi-Fi has become so commonplace that you can go into practically any store, restaurant or café and have instant, free access. From Barnes and Noble to Starbucks to most Airplanes (yes, really), Wi-Fi is everywhere. There are even websites devoted to mapping out and sharing these free hotspots. It’s easier than ever to get fast (and often free) internet wherever you go. IT Foundations capitalizes on this resource and delivers robust training to your tablet, laptop and Smartphone so you can train whenever you need it or can sneak it in.

Any Device, It Works on Yours

Republican or Democrat? Windows or Mac? Mets or Yankees? iPhone or Android? These are the questions in life that define who we are. It doesn't matter if you've got chronic Blackberry thumb or if you've got an Apple sticker on your VW Jetta. LearnSmart is fully compatible with the world's most advanced mobile devices including Apple (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch), Android (Galaxy, DROID, and HTC), Windows Phone and Blackberry. Plus there's no downloading or installing bulky apps to worry about. LearnSmart is a WebApp which ensures instant compatibility with the latest devices. But don't worry; we're not ONLY mobile. You can still use your Windows, Linux, or Apple laptop or desktop too. Just about any web browser on any computer or mobile device will give you the flexibility to get your IT training how you need it and when you want it.

Study on Your Time, Take it with You

You can get it on any device, even your friend’s. A cafe in Brussels gives their patrons free access to iPads while they enjoy their drinks. You simply walk in, grab a coffee and start browsing the cafe's iPad or check your email on a device you don’t own. The café claims it's green, fun, and smart for business because their customers love it. That’s the truly amazing thing about IT Foundations; you can use it on any computer or any mobile device... even someone else's. IT Foundations is training in the cloud. It's platform independent. It doesn't matter where you are, how you connect, or what device you use. From the iPad Cafe in Brussels to your local library, you will always be able to get your training when and where you want it.

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