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Managed Learning Services

LearnSmart helps you outsource your training initiatives with a team of trained professionals who can deliver the deployment, administration and implementation of training. Each of our Managed Learning Solutions will give you the results you need with the right balance of TCO and ROI. You'll be able to quantify your results, reap the benefits and spend your internal resources in the direction you want.


LearnSmart provides easy-to-manage course content, streamlined administration, convenient delivery and effective use of your training dollars for organizations of all sizes and industries. LearnSmart saves your company the expense of dedicated or outsourced training staff. Plus we help improve your company's productivity, performance and output, while reducing the costs of poor performance. LearnSmart provides easy administration and flexibility for your company's needs. To help preserve your network resources, the LearnSmart Video Training platform is delivered by quick, online streaming video with minimal bandwidth requirements. If a dedicated network solution is more appropriate, the platform can be provided for installation directly on your network. With a LearnSmart Managed Services solution, these courses are developed, distributed and administered for you.

Business Console

Viewing the reports and progress of your training program is made simple by LearnSmart throught the Business Console. The LearnSmart Business Console allows you to quickly add, edit or subtract users. It's just as simple to adjust your user's courses and to assign additional training. OnlineExpert Video Training helps you maximize the performance of your organization's training with a full range of testing and reporting features. You can monitor and evaluate the progress of individual users and groups, as well as your training program as a whole with these reporting options.

Consulting and Strategic Planning

  • LearnSmart consulting services
  • Strategy planning for your company

Site Build Out

  • Back end development and resource optimization
  • Custom user interface branding

Student and Subscription Management

  • Add new users, set attributes, import information
  • Assign courses to individuals or groups

Professional Development Management

  • Courses and strategies for developing professionally
  • Delivering results that impact your organizational assets

Marketing and Communication

  • Branding and establishing loyalty
  • Multi-facteted communications management and message delivery


  • Full range of testing and reporting features
  • Evaluate the progress of individual users and groups

Client Support

  • Personal consultation and reporting
  • Measured and evaluated report delivery

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