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LearnSmart Services

LearnSmart is committed to helping your organization meet all of its training objectives with a full suite of services that are provided throughout the training lifecycle. LearnSmart understands that the relationship is key to mutual success. As the relationship begins, LearnSmart provides sales support services and custom solution services to identify and meet the personal requirements that your company has. In addition, LearnSmart provides client support services that mitigate risks and resolve issues that arise.

  • Consulting Services from a worldwide network of professionals
  • Mobile Learning offers training at a distance
  • Solutions Services that solve your issues
  • Custom Development is personalized for your organization
  • Client Services include customer support and more

Skills, Certifications and Productivity

LearnSmart Services help you set objectives and get solutions you need. We are able to pinpoint your areas of need and create a custom solution. In addition, we can work from a pre-defined agenda and provide the service solution that best meets your needs in terms that are qualifiable and quantifiable.

Let LearnSmart accelerate your company's productivity and capability today with our full suite of services. Talk to our trained representatives who are fully versed in all of the services we offer. To learn how you can get started with LearnSmart services, contact us today at 1-800-418-6789.

LearnSmart Consulting Services

LearnSmart Consulting Services are brokered by a worldwide network of subject matter experts, including application specialists and learning designers, who make it the most important priority to help clients execute quality training initiatives that further the corporate goals of your business. Utilize LearnSmart Consulting Services for strategy, skills mapping, blended learning development, IT deployment and ROI calculations before, during and after initiation.

Mobile Learning Services

IT Professionals are real people -- travelers, soldiers, fathers and mothers with friends, social lives, hopes and dreams. Each has their own story of how they got into IT. Developing a healthy Work / Life balance is an important component that businesses must address. LearnSmart Mobile Learning Services help your business learn on the go.

Managed Learning Services

LearnSmart helps you outsource your training initiatives with a team of trained professionals who can deliver the deployment, administratation and implementation of training. Each of our Managed Learning Solutions will give you the results you need with the right balance of TCO and ROI. You'll be able to quantify your results, reap the benefits and spend your internal resources in the direction you want.

Customer Support Services

Customer Support and Consumer Satisfaction are our biggest priorities. If you have any questions about LearnSmart products or services, get the answers you need from our extensive Knowledge Base. You'll find the answers to questions about technical issues, troubleshooting, shipping, billing, promotions and more. And if the Knowledge Base doesn't meet your needs, simply create a Customer Service Ticket to get the real answers you need from a real person. And of course we provide real-time phone and personal support whenever it's requested.