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White Papers

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The latest research can bring results that will have huge implications for your business. Check out our selection of research articles, whitepapers and guides for the latest info on technology, training and human resource planning.

Hiring and Training

Business Impact

When it comes to business training, it's easy to throw money at it and assume the problem will solve itself. Yet in order for companies to get the positive results they hope for — thereby maximizing their investment — it's critical for managers and supervisors to take an active role in mapping out goals and outcomes for their employees. How does this make a difference? Find out with LearnSmart's free whitepaper.

Learning Transfer

Learning transfer is a critical step in the training process, yet one that is often misunderstood. If employees aren’t able to take what they’ve learned from videos, lectures or other training methods, and put it into practice, then you’ve wasted time, money and effort. The process of learning transfer is part of a level 3 training evaluation. It involves measuring whether employees are using their newly acquired skills and knowledge. And if not, why? Find out with LearnSmart's free whitepaper.

Keep on Track

When employees go through training, the ultimate results rest not with the training itself, but with the people who footed the bill — namely, managers like you. The true value of training can't be seen until some time afterward, when information is converted into practical application. This free whitepaper offers a variety of tips for making the most of a course evaluation.

Getting More Out of Training Courses

It has been said that "anything worth doing is worth doing well." And while there's no question that employee training is something that's worth doing, it's not entirely clear just how well employees are being trained. After all, it doesn't matter if participants like a training course if they don't learn anything. This article provides steps for ensuring that training and evaluations are serving their purpose.

Top 10 IT Training Mistakes

If you have the right corporate IT training program in place, your company can run more smoothly and profitable than ever before. But the wrong training can cost your company big time. Many companies make the same mistakes in their training over and over again. Find out how your company can avoid the most common mistakes with our free "Top 10 Corporate Training Mistakes" whitepaper.

From Help Desk to Network Admin

If you are considering a career in IT and feel a bit lost you aren’t alone. The IT Industry is a healthy, growing industry but getting into it takes some knowledge that you might not be able to get on the street. Let LearnSmart show you how to go from a newb on the Help Desk to a full-fledged Network Administrator. What are you waiting for? Get the career advice you need from LearnSmart.

Quick and Dirty Subnetting

Download LearnSmart’s Quick and Dirty Subnetting and quickly learn the basics of this essential task. Like Mike Meyers said, it’s not the most exciting thing in the world of networking. But this article will help make it easier.

Reference and Study

Server 2008 Quick Reference Guide

The Server 2008 Quick Reference Guide helps experienced and new Windows Server Admins navigate Server 2008's new features more quickly and effectively. For those of you who've worked with previous versions of Windows Server, the guide helps you pinpoint and master the new and expanded capabilities of the 2008 edition. This free 28-page PDF reference guide is available for instant download from LearnSmart.

MCSE Transit Map

Microsoft's MCSE Series is the most anticipated set of certifications to come along in years. Everyone with a vested interest in Server 2008 wants them. But let's face it, if you're checking them out for the first time they can be pretty confusing. That's where we come in. LearnSmart is going to help you untangle the MCSE web with our free MCSE Transit map. Learn about each of the MCSE exams and find out how they all fit together to help you make a killing. Discover how you can get your MCSE Business Intelligence, MCSE Data Platform, MCSE Server Infrastructure, MCSE Desktop Infrastructure, and MCSE Private Cloud. It's yours free from your friends at LearnSmart.

27 Tips for Getting Started in IT

LearnSmart is your source for informative whitepapers and specialized training packages that will help you get your foot in the door. We provide the training you need to learn the most valuable skills and the direction required to get certified. You can count on us for info in the ever-changing landscape of certification training, including all the most recent updates, revisions and additions to the certifications you need. Let's get started now. Download your free "27 Tips for Getting Started in IT" and learn the top tips from the experts.

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