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Real Professionals Use LearnSmart

There’s a reason IT Professionals worldwide trust LearnSmart for their IT Certification and training needs. Whether it’s to make more money or to strengthen their skill set; IT Professionals know that LearnSmart has the absolute best training available. They know LearnSmart has always been ahead of the game with high quality, cloud-based video training available on any mobile device including the iPad, Android, iPhone and more. Keep reading to see why IT Professionals worldwide choose LearnSmart :

Fredrick Ramos

Certifications Held: A+, MCP
Certifications Sought: MCITP: Server Administrator
Occupation: IT Operations Manager
Fun Fact: Started his career as a teacher and coach

Having obtained certifications in the past, I have firsthand knowledge of the products that LearnSmart has. I’ve used many of the training tools in the past, and I feel confident that whatever certification I am pursuing, LearnSmart will help me get there. One of the things I really like about the products is the varieties that are available. From video training to study guides, LearnSmart has been able to provide customers with a complete program. LearnSmart reaches out to people who have a variety of learning styles, and provides the convenience of learning from my desktop, tablet, or mp3 just to name a few. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to expand their learning and achieve their goals of certification.

Scott Turnbull

Certifications Sought: MCTS, MCITP
Occupation: IT Consultant, Owner of Noble Consulting
Fun Fact: Got interested in IT with the release of the IBM 286 w/ 1mb Ram

About a year and a half ago I tried one of LearnSmart’s free Mega Guides. I was impressed with the layout of the information and how it was put together. Most important was the way in which it was presented. I have read many Manuals and Guides over the years and this was one of my favourites. It didn’t read like stereo instructions, nor like Big Bird wrote it. Understandable, smooth reading--which is not easy with the subject and materials of our trade. Then one day, I get an offer to try a LearnSmart “Video” course for free. I thought, if it’s anything like the Mega Guide, hmmmm. Well, I was hooked. I started planning and pondering just which courses I would take, how much it would cost and how was I going to pay for all that. Separate courses added up, then the net. The offer of the complete Microsoft Cloud courses for one price over 2 years and an iPad 2 included? Will that be Visa or Mastercard =) I couldn’t recommend this more to anyone thinking of training for Microsoft or any certifications on their own. My time, my speed, but with the streaming video, you still feel as though you have access to an instructor! Well done!

Kathryn Poff

Certifications Held: MCP
Certifications Sought: MCITP, Server Administrator, Exchange Certification, Enterprise Admin
Occupation: Network Administrator
Fun Fact: Got into IT to help support her daughter

I subscribe to W2k Server News and often see things about LearnSmart. When I looked through LearnSmart’s products and tried their demos only one word could describe them: Awesome. I’ve taken several online training courses with other companies and none of them hold a candle to the amount of information you get in LearnSmart’s videos. LearnSmart’s Cloud Classroom provides a great advantage, allowing me to have my training with me wherever I go. Tablets are the future and companies like LearnSmart are right to start adopting them for things other than games.

People from Around the World

  • Brian Kendrick
    Hometown: Bellevue, WA

    Technological Degrees: A+, Network +, security + and MCP certifications
    Occupation: Systems Administrator
    LearnSmart Training: MCITP Enterprise at Forest Ridge Catholic School

  • Brian Morgan
    Hometown: Cheshire, CT

    Occupation: PC Technician
    LearnSmart Training: A+, CISCO, Microsoft

  • Chester Lui
    Hometown: San Mateo, CA

    Technological Degrees: BA in Information Systems
    Occupation: IT Specialist
    LearnSmart Training: MCITP

  • Chris Hansen
    Hometown: Wenham, MA

    Occupation: Systems Manager at Gordon College
    LearnSmart Training: MCITP, and Server Admin

  • Dennis Barrack
    Hometown: Kimball, NE

    Technological Degrees: PMP, A+, and Network +
    Occupation: IT Manager for Frenchman Valley Farmers Co-Op
    LearnSmart Training: CCNA 1 and 2, MCITP 2008 Admin

  • Dimitry Harrigan
    Hometown: Fort Lee, NJ

    Technological Degrees: A+ and Network +
    Occupation: Systems Analyst at NatSherman
    LearnSmart Training: MCITP, Security+ and CCNA

  • Eric Martin
    Hometown: Newark, OH

    Technological Degrees: A+, Network + and MCP XP
    Occupation: Senior Analyst of IT Operations with Nationwide Insurance
    LearnSmart Training: Windows 7, Security+ and CISCO

  • Eric Pass
    Hometown: Excelsior, MN

    Degrees: BA in Political Science
    Occupation: Lead Network and System Administrator
    LearnSmart Training: MCITP, MCSA and MCSE

  • Ernie Steagall
    Hometown: Tulsa, OK

    Technological Degrees: MCP
    LearnSmart Training: MCITP SA
    Occupation: Systems administrator for YWCA Tulsa

  • Herbert Trotman
    Hometown: Orlando, FL

    Technological Degrees: BA Computer Science, MCSE, CCNA, and Network +
    Occupation: Systems Administrator with the Florida Department of Health Children’s Medical Services
    LearnSmart Training: Windows 8, PMP, CCNA and additional Microsoft certifications

  • James Arko
    Hometown: Santee, CA

    Technological Degrees: Security +, NSA-IAM and CRISC
    Occupation: Principle Consultant for Security, Intelligence, Surveillance and Recon/ Government Security Consultant
    LearnSmart Training: PMP and CISSP

  • Cyndi Owens
    Order Date: 4/12/2011
    HomeTown: Greensboro, NC

    Technological Degrees: Business Administration with a Minor in IT
    Occupation: Network Admin with First Carolina Corporate Credit Union
    LearnSmart Training: MCITP, Windows Server 2008, Security + and CISSP.

Jeremy Rhodes

Computer Lab Technician

Diego Belchior

Mainframe Software Developer

Todd Spohr


Nancy Morrison

Systems Administrator

Tony Conley

IT Specialist

Aaron Ward

IS Site Coordinator

Andrzej Surz

Network Systems Engineer

Fredrick Ramos

IT Operations Manager

Greg Suvalian

Web Engineer.

Rita Mines

Helpdesk Supervisor

John Smith 

Manager of AD & Messaging  

Richard Bessette

Server & Network Admin

Richard Jenkins

Network Administrator

Sam Antley

Desktop Support Professional

Jamie Ransonet

IT Consulting, Entrepreneur

Kevin Dick

IT Administrator,IT Specialist

Michael Hardesty


Benjamin Turner

IT Consultant, Small Business Owner

Danielle Williams

Exeutive Assistant

Karen Lemaire

IT Assistant

Doug Sutherland

IT System Integrator

Kimberly Bailey

Systems Administrator

Kevin Jung

Sr. Consultant

Michael Brazil

Network Admin, Consultant

Donald Gutierrez

IT Director

John Bradley

IT Manager, Systems Engineer

Michael Costa

Self Employed

Andrew King

Sr. Health Physicist

Mike Provencher

Business Relationship Manager

Rob Paul

Senior Level IT Consultant

Paul Caccavale-Boyle

Network Associate

Steve Wanstall

Senior Constable

Richard Shafer

Computer Support Specialist II

Steve Hughes

PC, Network Support Specialist

Theresa Primus

NYPD Police Officer

Benny Lane

Network Administrator

Peter Cherrick

Sr. Field Engineer

Adam Clarke

2nd Line Technician

Roxanne Bates

Network Administrator

Daniel Gartland

IT Consultant

Jarek Wrobel


James Llanos

Help Desk Tech

Jeremy Ricci

IT Manager

George Theophile

Chief of Operations

Mike Scornavacco

Technical Analyst

Gerald Shackelford

Network Administrator

James Gast

President, Technical

Jason Harley

IT Manager

Jeremy Runyan

Site Support

Keith Mardling

Data Center Manager

Rich D'Andrea

Senior Network Analyst

Stickney Kunanayagam

Development Manager

Jason Siglasky

Senior Network Technicianr

Ahmed Shakil

IT Consultant

Mike Caughey

Pen Tester

Stefan Eggermann

Senior Systems Engineer

Bob Armintrout

Telecom Network Planning analyst Lead