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About this Exam Voucher:
This Exam Voucher is a paid receipt good for Cisco CCNA Exam at any VUE testing Center in the USA. It's a convenient, easy way to buy your exam online for less!

This CCNA Exam 640-802 is the most popular route to earning the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification. This is an entry-level, single option exam for IT professionals who have a basic understanding of computers and networking technology. The CCNA certification is valid for three years, and is considered to be the most universally rewarding certification produced in the IT industry. Individuals who possess a CCNA usually carry job titles such as Network Engineer or Network Architect. In addition, the average yearly salary of a CCNA is $86,000.

The Official Domains of the Exam published by Cisco are:
  • Describe how a network works
  • Configure, verify and troubleshoot a switch with VLANs and interswitch communications
  • Implement an IP addressing scheme and IP Services to meet network requirements in a medium-size Enterprise branch office network
  • Configure, verify and troubleshoot basic router operation and routing on Cisco devices
  • Explain and select the appropriate administrative tasks required for a WLAN
  • Identify security threats to a network and describe general methods to mitigate those threats
  • Implement, verify and troubleshoot NAT and ACLs in a medium-size Enterprise branch office network
  • Implement and verify WAN links
Within these domains, Cisco will ask complex questions dealing with extending switched networks with VLANS, IP Routes, IP traffic Access Lists, Point-to-Point (PPP) connections and the establishment of Frame Relay Connections. Additionally, the exam will concentrate on difficult questions involving TCP/IP protocol and its implementation in a network. Cisco does not publish the pass score for this exam, but the community commonly accepts that the passing score is 849 out of 1000. This 90-minute exam contains somewhere between 45 and 55 questions that include multiple choice, drag and drop and simulation style questions in varying numbers.

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Cisco (640-802)

CCNA Exam Voucher

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