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About this LearnSmart Video Training:

When you complete this CBT course, you'll be an expert on the following "must-know" Designing a Messaging Infrastructure with MS Exchange 2007 skills:

Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Course Introduction

Chapter 2: Gathering Requirements for a Messaging Infrastructure
  • Introduction
  • Creating Project Scope and Goals
  • Analyzing Current Infrastructure
  • Ex Best Practices Analyzer Demo
  • Creating the Requirements Document
  • Summary

Chapter 3: Designing Active Directory and Message Routing
  • Introduction
  • Designing an Active Directory Infrastructure
  • Design the Active Dir. Forest and Domain
  • Designing Active Directory Sites for Ex
  • Design Mailbox Access for External Clients
  • Planning the Placement of Domain Controllers
  • Designing Message Routing
  • Modifying Default Routing Chara. Demo
  • Designing the Messaging Perimeter
  • Deploying and Sec. Edge Transport Services
  • Designing Inbound and Outbound Message Flows
  • Summary

Chapter 4: Designing Ex Servers
  • Introduction
  • Mailbox Servers
  • Mailbox Sizing
  • Mailbox Database Configuration
  • Mailbox Server Disk Storage
  • Mailbox Server CPU and Memory Requirements
  • Mailbox Servers for High Availability
  • Non_Mailbox Server Configurations
  • Transport Server Configurations
  • Client Access Server Configurations
  • Client Access Server Deployment
  • Unified Messaging Servers
  • Server Role Combinations
  • Public Folders
  • Public Folder Storage and Client Access
  • Multiple Public Folder Databases
  • Public Folder Permissions
  • Summary

Chapter 5: Designing Security for a Messaging Environment
  • Introduction
  • Understanding Ex Administrative Permissions
  • Ex Administrative Models
  • Message Security
  • Defining Message Security Requirements
  • Transport Layer Sec. Using SMTP Connectors

Chapter 6: Designing Security for a Messaging Environment
  • Configuring SMTP Connector Security Demo
  • Restricting Message Flow
  • Creating Transport Rules Demo
  • Client Based Message Security
  • Antispam and Antivirus Solution Requirements
  • Antispam Solutions
  • Antivirus Solutions
  • Summary

Chapter 7: Designing Messaging Policies
  • Introduction
  • Exchange Recipient and Messaging
  • Message Delivery Policies
  • Client Access Policies
  • Mobile Device Policies
  • Configuring ActiveSync Mailbox Policies Demo
  • Message Policies for Compliance
  • Identifying Compliance Requirements
  • Policies for Message Records Management
  • Creating Retention Policies Demo
  • Policies for Message Journaling
  • Message Archive Policies
  • Summary

Chapter 8: Design Coexistence, Interoperable and Exchange 07 Upg. Strategy
  • Introduction
  • Coexistence vs. Interoperability
  • Coexistence with Previous Exchange Versions
  • Defining Message Flow
  • Calendar Sharing and OAB Availability
  • Public Folder Availability
  • Exchange Server Administrative Permissions
  • Interoperability with Other Message Systems
  • Message Flow Strategies
  • Global Address List Synchronization
  • Calendar Interoperability
  • non_Microsoft Messaging Connectors
  • Transition vs. Migration
  • Transition Upgrade Strategy
  • Migration From Other Messaging Systems
  • Migrating Message Routing
  • Migrating Directory Information
  • Migrating Data
  • Summary

Chapter 9: Design Documentation
  • Introduction
  • Creating Planning Phase Documentation
  • Collaboration Phases
  • Documentation
  • Gaining Approval for the Messaging Design
  • Reviewing the Design
  • Pre_Production Labs
  • Piloting the Messaging Design
Designing a Messaging Infrastructure with MS Exchange 2007 involves skills useful to IT professionals with 3 or more years experience working with previous versions of Exchange Server and experience implementing Exchange Server 2007.

The skill sets involved in Designing a Messaging Infrastructure with MS Exchange 2007 include the following:

  • Assessing an existing infrastructure and determining technical and business requirements for both new Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 deployments and migrations
  • Creating a design that addresses security, architecture, scalability, coexistence and client access needs
  • Knowing how to gain approval for designs from stakeholders

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