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Collaborative Learning with LearnSmart

LearnSmart's Social and Collaborative Learning features provide the appeal of social media technology and the benefits of a collaborative environment. LearnSmart Social Learning encourages a more natural atmosphere of learning, shared knowledge and instruction that allows users to help one another, build professional relationships and engage in true networking activities.

Learn, Share, Grow

One of LearnSmart's major goals is to allow users of our Cloud Classroom solutions to enjoy all of the benefits of traditional instructor led and classroom learning environments. In the classroom, students are able to benefit from the questions that other students ask, and the answers they get from other students as well as the instructor. In these environments, there is a collaborative atmosphere that results in a learning experience that is greater than the sum of its parts. That quality of training is what LearnSmart is able to provide via the Social Learning features of our Cloud Classroom courses.

Social Learning Features

  • User profiles with custom images, up to date contact info and personalization options that are fun and collaborative
  • Information sharing options including note sharing, to-do list collaboration and direct contact features
  • Content recommendations, starred training and highlighted training allows users to point out their areas of interest
  • Activity reminders coordinate with a user's personal calendar and interact with the calendars of other users
  • Connections allow users to indicate friends, colleagues and join networks or groups
  • Goals can be set by users to challenge other connections or as personal benchmarks

Study Groups

LearnSmart users can leverage the social features of the Cloud Classroom to create virtual study groups. Study groups can be created easily and make sense for users who are studying similar content areas including single-exam certifications such as CompTIA A+, Network+ and Security+ or intense multi-exam certifications including Microsoft MCITP Server Administrator or Microsoft MCITP Enterprise Administrator. Organizations have the option of assigning users to study groups, or students can self select from public profiles of users who have indicated interest areas.

The LearnSmart Profile

A user's LearnSmart profile is the key to all of our Social Learning or Collaborative Training features. Student's have the option of creating a unique anonymous user name or being listed in a directory of public profiles. The LearnSmart profile includes a user name, email address, profile image, interests and activities and other custom personal information. In addition, the LearnSmart profile indicates organizations that a user belongs to, courses that a user has used, certificates earned and other training milestones. All information on the profile can be shared or hidden based on the individual user's privacy settings. The LearnSmart profile provides the key collaborative benefits that are so often missing from online or CBT training programs and gives students a superior training experience.

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