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About this Exam Manual:
This Exam Manual covers the key points you need to know to pass the v5 CIW Foundations exam and features 25 practice questions. Topics covered include: Internet Business Foundations, Site Development Foundations, and Network Technology Foundations.

CIW’s exam 1D0-510, CIW v5 Foundations, is the one requirement for the CIW Associate certification, one of the requirements for the CIW Professional certification, and one of the requirements for these Master CIW certifications: Web Site Manager, Administrator, Designer, and Enterprise Developer.

The CIW v5 Foundations exam validates the basic hands-on skills and knowledge that a professional is expected to understand and use. Foundational skills include basic knowledge of Internet technologies, network infrastructure, Web authoring using XHTML, and job skills such as project management.

Candidates planning to take the CIW Foundations exam 1D0-510 should have prior experience using the Internet on a personal computer running either Microsoft Windows or UNIX/Linux operating systems. The CIW Certification Agreement is required for CIW certification eligibility. The candidate can submit this agreement after taking the exam by logging on as a CIW Candidate to the CIW Candidate Information site. This agreement needs to be completed only once, but no CIW certification will be awarded without it, even if you pass the exam.

The pass score for this form-based multiple choice exam is 75%. There are 60 scored questions and 10 un-scored beta questions. The exam has a duration of 90 minutes.

The topics covered by this exam include:
  • Identify job roles in the Information Technology (IT) industry, including responsibilities, tasks and skills they require
  • Identify the infrastructure required to access the Internet, including hardware and software components
  • Define important Internet communications protocols and their roles in delivering basic Internet services
  • Identify the basic principles of the Domain Name System
  • Identify the functions of Web browsers, and use them to access the World Wide Web and other computer resources
  • Use e-mail clients to send simple messages and files to other Internet users
  • Define and use additional networking and Internet services
  • Demonstrate ways to communicate effectively using Internet technology
  • Identify and configure user customization features in Web browsers, including: preferences, caching and cookies
  • Identify security issues related to Internet clients (e.g., Web browsers, e-mail, instant messaging) in the workplace, including: certificates, malware, illicit servers, and viruses
  • Use different types of Web search engines effectively
  • Identify and use principles of Personal Information Management (PIM), including common applications
  • Efficiently transmit text and binary files using popular Internet services
  • Identify security-related ethical and legal issues faced by IT professionals
  • Relate project management concepts and terms to the IT profession
  • Recognize essential database concepts
  • Demonstrate knowledge required to create a Web page
  • Add images and graphical formatting to HTML files
  • Identify and use design and color principles for Web pages
  • Create a basic HTML form that accepts user input
  • Create HTML frames
  • Define Extensible Markup Language (XML), and identify its features and appropriate use
  • Identify essential Web site navigation issues, and ensure page/site accessibility
  • Define and apply essential aspects of the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) standard
  • Use Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML) to create Web pages
  • Identify technologies for enhancing the user's Web experience, including: programming languages, and multimedia technologies
  • Use GUI-based HTML editing software to create Web pages
  • Test and analyze Web site performance issues
  • Identify steps in the Web site planning and development process
  • Identify essential issues in developing and maintaining a Web site, including: project management, testing and legal issues
  • Define electronic commerce (e-commerce) and related technologies and concepts necessary to develop a secure, useful interface (i.e., storefront)
  • Demonstrate knowledge of languages commonly used to provide database connectivity to Web sites
  • Identify the benefits and drawbacks of running your own Web server versus using a service provider
  • Identify common strategies for managing an end user's experience and improving site creativity
  • Consider copyright and ethical issues when creating Web pages
  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic data communications components and demonstrate technical knowledge of the Internet
  • Identify the role of networking hardware, and configure common hardware for operation
  • Identify the relationship between IP addresses and domain names, including: assignment of IP addresses within a subnet
  • Identify the functions and components of servers commonly used on the Internet
  • Identify common Internet security and availability issues, including: user-level and enterprise-level concerns
  • Identify common performance issues affecting Internet clients, including analysis and diagnosis
  • Perform basic hardware and system maintenance for network-aware systems
  • Manage fundamental elements of modern network-based client operating systems
  • Configure and troubleshoot wireless networks
  • Manage career opportunities in the IT industry
  • Represent technical issues to a non-technical audience
LearnSmart's CIW v5 Foundations (1D0-510) Exam Manual vividly details the topics and domains you're expected to know for your exam. With the CIW v5 Foundations (1D0-510) Exam Manual, you'll learn everything that's required to pass your exam and get certified, including:
  • Internet Business Foundations
  • Site Development Foundations
  • Network Technology Foundations
Take a huge step forward in your career in technology with the CIW v5 Foundations (1D0-510) Exam Manual now.

LearnSmart's Exam Manual is more than just a study guide, it's an essential part of your exam preparation. The Exam Manual gives you the notes, topics and domains you need to complement your the full training you receive through your LearnSmart Video Training. Each Exam Manual contains over 100 pages of exam coverage from the top authors in the industry in an easy-to-print PDF format.

LearnSmart Exam Manuals also contain 25 challenging and realistic practice questions to help test what you've learned and give you a taste of the real exam. Make sure you're ready for the exam with the LearnSmart Exam Manual.

When preparing to get certified, it's important to have a study plan. Planning gives you the best chance to get ready quickly and pass on the first try. LearnSmart designed the Exam Manual specifically to help you start learning and create a study plan for your exam. The Exam Manual gives you more than just a list of objectives. Think of the Exam Manual as a certification roadmap that you'll refer to every day. The Exam Manual gives shows you what you need to know and helps introduce you to the full core training you'll need to pass your exam. You can print what you need, make notes and study anywhere. The Exam Manual helps you avoid wasting time, effort and money, and makes your exam much easier.

CIW (1D0-510)

CIW v5 Foundations Exam Manual

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  • 101 Pages
  • 25 Practice Questions
  • Complete Exam Topic Coverage
  • Easy to Use PDF Format

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