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About this Lecture Series title:
This title is available to you as a digital download or 3-CD set. This Lecture Series Product features topical information in instructor-based lecture format. Topics covered include: Access Control Systems & Methodology, Applications & Systems Development, Business Continuity Planning, Cryptography, Operations and Physical Security, Security Architecture, Models, and Management Practices, and others.

Lecture Series audio training
Lecture Series audio training gives you complete exam training for your MCSE, CCNA, A+ and many more leading certifications. Lecture Series covers the information covered on your certification exam in detail. It helps you improve your memory retention so you can learn more quickly and pass your certification exam faster. The set also includes a unique resource portion that contains diagrams and screenshots of the technologies you need to know to pass the exam. You'll learn the most challenging and relevant topics for your test from expert certification instructors. Best of all, you can use audio anywhere.

Learn Anywhere
Our Lecture Series audio training is better because it gives you the freedom to learn anywhere. There's no end to the ways you can learn. Use Lecture Series audio training while driving to work, hitting the gym or even walking your dog.

Each LearnSmart Lecture Series audio training presentation is recorded by a Certified Trainer with over 15 years of experience. Every title features hours of technology information in high-quality professional sound plus the exclusive Lecture Series Resource PDF with diagrams and screenshots of technologies you will need to know to pass the exam. Lecture Series audio training is available as an instant digital download or a complete 3-CD set.

Audio training improves your memory retention by up to 45%. And all Lecture Series audio titles can be completely integrated with LearnSmart's world-class Practice Exams to rapidly improve your exam performance. When you remember more, and train better, you have to study less. And since you can learn anywhere, you have more time to train. Less work + More time = Get ready faster. Use Lecture Series audio training to learn anywhere and get certified faster.

The CISSP® is an extremely advanced certification meant for IT professionals who want to achieve "mastery of an international standard for information security and understanding of a Common Body of Knowledge (CBK®)." Earning the CISSP® certification requires a candidate to pass a single exam and meet the exam vendor's prerequisites.

The two prerequisites for this exam are for the candidate to: "execute the candidate agreement, attesting to the truth of the candidate's experience assertions and legally commit to adhering to the Code of Ethics"; and successfully "answer four questions regarding criminal history and related background." Users that attain this exam commonly carry the titles of Security Auditor or Network Security Analyst.

The topics covered by this exam come from the CISSP® Common Body of Knowledge (CBK®) and include:
  • Access Control Systems & Methodology
  • Applications & Systems Development
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Cryptography
  • Law, Investigation & Ethics
  • Operations Security
  • Physical Security
  • Security Architecture & Models
  • Security Management Practices
  • Telecommunications, Network & Internet Security
Within this Common Body of Knowledge (CBK®), the vendor will ask a series of very challenging question involving particular extracted from the published information.

While the material itself is not considered to be overly complex, the actual amount of information on the exam can be slightly intimidating to users new to the security field. The pass score for this form-based multiple choice exam is a scaled score of 700 points or greater. There are 250 questions and the exam lasts 6 hours.

Lecture Series Audio Tracklist
  1. Welcome
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Access Control Systems and Methodology
  4. Access Control Systems
  5. Authentication
  6. Types of Attacks Against Access Control Systems
  7. Intrusion Detection Systems
  8. Telecommunication and Network Security
  9. Ports and Protocols
  10. Cabling
  11. Network Access Techniques
  12. RAID
  13. Firewalls
  14. Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  15. Security Management Practices
  16. Goals of Information Security
  17. Concepts of Information Security
  18. Data Classification
  19. Security Management Hierarchy
  20. Risk Management
  21. Security Awareness Training
  22. Applications and System Development
  23. System Lifecycle
  24. Application Environment
  25. Databases
  26. Application and System Vulnerabilities and Threats
  27. Cryptography
  28. Simple Crypto Systems
  29. Modern Crypto Systems
  30. Cryptographic Attacks
  31. Applied Cryptography
  32. Public Key Infrastructure
  33. Table of Contents
  34. Security Architecture and Models
  35. Computer System Components
  36. Processing
  37. Access Control Models
  38. Integrity Models
  39. Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria
  40. Common Criteria
  41. Certification vs. Accreditation
  42. Threats
  43. Operational Security
  44. General Principles of Operations Security
  45. Workforce Security
  46. Control Categories
  47. Change Control
  48. Auditing
  49. Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Planning
  50. Business Continuity Planning
  51. Disaster Recovery Planning
  52. Law, Investigation, and Ethics
  53. Law
  54. Evidence
  55. Investigation
  56. Ethics
  57. Physical Security
  58. Facility Security
  59. Fire
  60. Fences and Electrical Power
  61. Media Security

People who want to get certified are usually those with the least amount of time for training. Lecture Series audio training helps you find creative new ways to learn. Lecture Series gives you complete, expert instruction that you can use anywhere; in the car, at the gym or even walking your dog!

Lecture Series helps you make the most of your time and get certified faster. In fact, audio training can improve your memory retention by up to 45%. And Lecture Series also helps you improve your practice exam scores with the innovative Lecture Series/Practice Exam integration feature. The end result: you pass your exam and get certified more quickly and easily than ever.


CISSP® Lecture Series Audio Training

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  • Digital download
  • Learn While Driving
  • Instructor-based learning

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