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MCITP Certification

MCITP certification begins the NEW generation of Microsoft certifications. Windows Server 2008 is becoming the leading server operating system and companies around the globe need people who are certified to run these new systems. Earning an MCITP certification is the measure of the most up-to-date and advanced Microsoft professionals. Server 2008 was released in February 2008 and is now quickly becoming the predominant server OS in the industry. With sales and installs of Server 2008 quickly ramping up, now is the time for you to start your MCITP training for the MCITP certifications. MCITP is Microsoft's next wave of credentials that focus on the new Server 2008 technology. And just like it's predecessors (MCSE 2000 and 2003), the MCITP certification requires you to pass a long series of challenging exams. You can get started on your MCITP certification with free MCITP 15-Minute Guides from LearnSmart. Free MCITP Study Guides.

MCITP Certification History

With the MCITP certification series, Microsoft sought to create a new certification that would signify an information technology professional’s position. In other countries, including most of Europe, there were specific requirements regarding the word "engineer." In order to classify as an engineer, you had to possess a professional engineer license. And in the United States, there started to become a real problem in the IT world, where workers would call themselves engineers, when they were in fact something entirely different. Microsoft’s answer to this was to create a new series of role based certifications that would specify a person’s actual job, instead of a generalized title. Specifically, to replace the MCSE, Microsoft picked four different titles. View all MCITP and Microsoft training here.
The Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional:

  • Server Administrator
  • Enterprise Administrator
  • Database Administrator
  • Database Programmer

MCITP Certification Training: Server Administrator

An MCITP Server Administrator must pass a challenging series of tests of a candidate's ability to administer a complex network infrastructure with less than 200 computers and users accounts. For the MCITP Certification Server Administrator exam, the test will cover in depth concepts, such as the following six subjects specifically targeted by Microsoft; managing the server operating system, file, and directory services; software distribution and updates; profiling and monitoring assigned servers and troubleshooting.

MCITP Server Administrator Certification Job Roles

This certification shows your Windows Server 2008 leadership and problem-solving skills for job roles including; Windows server administrator; server systems administrator; monitoring operator and network administrator

MCITP Certification Enterprise Administrator

To earn the MCITP certification that allows one to become an MCTIP Enterprise Administrator there is a specific MCITP Enterprise Administrator exam. This exam measures the test taker's ability to administer a complex network infrastructure with over 1000 computers and users accounts. On this exam, the exam will test in depth concepts, such as the following six subjects specifically targeted by Microsoft; network infrastructure; directory services, identity management, and authentication; security policies; business continuity (disaster recovery, personnel, equipment, and data); design of IT administrative structure (delegation models); and best practices, standards, and service level agreements (SLAs).

MCITP Certification Enterprise Administrator Job Roles

The MCITP Enterprise Administrator certification demonstrates your skills in Windows infrastructure design for job roles such as; enterprise systems administrator; IT systems manager; enterprise security administrator; systems architect and network administrator.

MCITP Certification Database Administrator

Microsoft Certified IT Professional: Database Administrator (MCITP: Database Administrator) is the premier certification for database server administrators. This certification demonstrates that you can keep up with your enterprise business solutions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Database administrators install or configure SQL Server and manage or maintain databases or multidimensional databases, user accounts, database availability, recovery, and reporting. They also design or implement security or server automation and monitor and troubleshoot SQL Server activity. Database administrators are typically employed by midsize to large organizations. MCITP certification candidates must first complete the requirements for the MCTS: SQL Server 2005 certification (one exam). After earning this certification, candidates earn their MCITP Database Administrator by passing two required exams.

If you are a Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA), you may upgrade to the MCITP Database Administrator certification by taking one upgrade exam in the place of the two required exams. MCDBAs must still obtain the MCTS SQL Server 2005 certification as a prerequisite.

MCITP Certification Database Administrator Skills

The MCITP Database Administrator certification validates your abilities in the hot IT field of database administration, including skills, such as; installation and configuration of SQL Server; multidimensional databases, user accounts, db availability, recovery and reporting; server automation and monitoring and troubleshooting SQL Server activity.

MCITP Certification: Part of the Master Series

Microsoft recognized that these various professional level certifications had many different duties and experience levels. And furthermore, each of these jobs roles required different technologies in order to perform their duties. Someone who was a server administrator for somewhere between two to five servers didn’t need to be as familiar with some of the technologies as someone who managed an entire enterprise, just as a database administrator didn’t need to be as familiar with programming as an administrator.

This conclusion led Microsoft to determine that each job role they created needed to be stringently tested on not just their job role, but the technologies associated with that job role. And thus, Microsoft determined that a new level of certification was needed to reach the level of a professional. They called this level the Microsoft Certified Technology specialist, or MCTS.

As an MCTS, Microsoft would certify someone as familiar and capable of operating the complicated components involved with their technologies, such as active directory and terminal services. However, the amount of MCTS certifications a person needed to acquire in order to qualify for a professional level certification greatly varied - an still varies to this day. The purpose of this guide, in so few words, is to familiarize you with what those requirements are. And what you’ll need to know in order to attain your MCITP in one of the four main categories of what Microsoft has called the Microsoft "Master" series.

The master series consist of four level Master series MCITP certifications. The Microsoft certified:

  • Technology Specialist
  • Professional
  • Master
  • Architect

Earn Your MCITP Certifications with LearnSmart

With LearnSmart’s Ultimate Access training collection, you’ll have unrestricted access to our entire library of video training. It’s the smartest, fastest and most effective way to pass the exams you need for your MCITP certification. To find out more about the MCITP certification and the Ultimate Access training program,
call LearnSmart at 1-800-418-6789and to see all of our Microsoft training, check out our Microsoft training store.

The official domains for MCITP Server Administrator (70-646) exam are:

  • Planning for Server Deployment
  • Planning for Server Management
  • Monitoring and Maintaining Servers
  • Planning Application and Data Provisioning
  • Planning for Business Continuity and High Availability

The official domains for MCITP Enterprise Administrator (70-647) exam are:

  • Planning network and application services
  • Designing core identity and access management components
  • Designing support identity and access management components
  • Designing for business continuity and data availability

MCITP Certification Exams

To become an MCITP certified professional, you must pass a series of certification exams. LearnSmart developed a training package that helps a person earn the three most common MCITP certification paths. Check out the following selection for the exams that can lead to these MCITP certifications.

  • (70-620) Windows Vista Configuration
  • (70-640) Server 2008 Active Directory
  • (70-642) Server 2008 Network Infrastructure
  • (70-643) Server 2008 Applications Infrastructure, Configuring
  • (70-646) MCITP: Server Admin
  • (70-647) MCITP: Enterprise Admin
  • (70-431) SQL Server 2005
  • (70-443) SQL Server 2005 Designing Security
  • (70-444) SQL Server 2005 Optimizing Database Solutions
Network+ certification

These free MCITP Study Guides are designed to help you learn key concepts of the MCITP exams. Our study guides help you build a solid understanding of MCITP exam material and are formatted in PDF for easy printing and maximum convenience. Whether you require a portable training option or a quick last-second cram, these free MCITP study guides are an excellent resource. Get yours today!

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