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Why LearnSmart

LearnSmart is your best option for training in the brand-new reality of fully online and mobile information. Our corporate philosophy is simply to give you what you want. Businesses want effective, convenient training with excellent return on investment. LearnSmart gives you that. Individuals want to learn exciting new skills and earn credentials that will help them get paid. LearnSmart gives you that. With hundreds of courses, LearnSmart provides the breadth and depth of learning that can meet all of your needs. And our innovative products take full advantage of the most recent advances in mobile technology and cloud availability.

LearnSmart is your source for hundreds of essential and timely training courses for technology, business, productivity, human resources and management. Our comprehensive training libraries provide academically and aesthetically pleasing instruction for maximum productivity and profitability. LearnSmart Solutions deliver accurate, reliable and complete training for end users with flexible, easy-to-manage tracking features and statistics for administration. The extensive OnlineExpert library provides instruction and training for a wide variety of skills, disciplines and business activities.

LearnSmart provides easy-to-manage course content, streamlined administration, convenient delivery and effective use of your training dollars for organizations of all sizes and industries. LearnSmart saves your company the expense of dedicated or outsourced training staff. Plus we help improve your company's productivity, performance and output, while reducing the costs of poor performance. LearnSmart provides easy administration and flexibility for your company's needs. To help preserve your network resources, the LearnSmart Video Training platform is delivered by quick, online streaming video with minimal bandwidth requirements. If a dedicated network solution is more appropriate, the platform can be provided for installation directly on your network.

Managing your LearnSmart program is easy. The LearnSmart Business Console allows you to quickly add, edit or subtract users. It's just as simple to adjust your user's courses and to assign additional training. OnlineExpert Video Training helps you maximize the performance of your organization's training with a full range of testing and reporting features. You can monitor and evaluate the progress of individual users and groups, as well as your training program as a whole with these reporting options.

LearnSmart follows a simple formula to benefit your company. We provide training to enhance the performance, quality and output your company needs to increase revenue. Plus, we help reduce your costs for training, labor, HR and administration. By increasing revenue and reducing costs, LearnSmart is the smartest way to prepare your workforce to meet the goals and objectives set by your business plan.

What training needs does your company have? Do you need to implement a training program for the first time, or do you need to improve your existing program? And how will you continue your training for the future? LearnSmart can help you pinpoint your company's training challenges, and provide the solutions that will help your company thrive. Start your relationship with LearnSmart now. Call us at 1-800-418-6789 and learn more about LearnSmart Training Solutions.

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