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Project Management
(PMP)® Training Bundle

PMI® Approved Project Management
Certification Training Bundle

Retail Price: $1,495

12 Month Online Access

Project Management Professional® (PMP)® Certification
Training Library Overview

Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification is one of the industry's most respected and in-demand certifications. The growing need for project managers has called for many companies across industries to require the PMP® for employment. LearnSmart is one of the exclusive Global Registered Education Provider (REP 3577) approved to provide eLearning training for this coveted certification. LearnSmart's PMP® training is approved by Project Management Institute (PMI) to meet the strict educational criteria necessary to earn the PMP and CAPM certifications.

Use this LearnSmart eLearning package to earn your PMP® or CAPM® certifications, then continue to use it to meet the Professional Development Units (PDU) requirement to maintain your certification. More Information

  • 12 Month Online Access
  • 50 PMI Approved Courses
  • 101 PDU / Contact Hours
  • New! PMBOKv5
  • Valid for PMP® and CAPM®
  • Certificate of Completion/Mastery
  • Labs, Games, and Activities
  • Pre and Post Assessment
  • Printable Study Guides
  • Social Learning Enabled
  • Digital Note Taking
  • Download Full Course List
Maryam Ebrahim

Cummings, GA

Raising a child presented new challenges but I did not want to lose my skills or fall behind in recent developments. Independent study gave me the perfect opportunity to increase my knowledge and work toward a goal of a recognized certificate. When I am able to return to work, I should be in a position to be more selective in choosing the right job with new qualifications.

Dustin Alcock

Sand Creek, MI

I've reviewed many test sites and for the price and amount of certification options available, LearnSmart is the best solution. I can study at my job under the nice cool air conditioning or anywhere else for that matter, anytime I need to. During breaks, in bed, it's convenient for me to study wherever I am. It fires up instantly on the iPad and I'm quickly working towards my certifications.

Cyndi Owens

Greensboro, NC

I chose LearnSmart because of how many interesting courses they offer in one place. I love that I can study on my own time and I'm totally impressed with the training they offer.

Vonrick Knights

Lange Park, West Indies

I was very impressed by the quality of information provided by LearnSmart as it covered certain areas that were overlooked or not given as much attention as they should have been. I was also able to go over areas in the course that I was still slightly confused about and clarify them.

Official Exam Knowledge Areas:

  • Project Integration Management
  • Project Scope Management
  • Project Time Management
  • Project Cost Management
  • Project Quality Management
  • Project Human Resource Management
  • Project Communications Management
  • Project Risk Management
  • Project Procurement Management
  • Project Stakeholder Management

PMBOK® Process Groups

The PMBOK® Guide describes five process groups that are employed during a project. Questions on the PMP® exam cover these process groups. These five process groups include:

  • Initiating Process Group
  • Planning Process Group
  • Monitoring and Controlling Process Group
  • Executing Process Group
  • Closing Process Group

PMI, PMP, CAPM and the PMI Registered Education Provider logo are registered trademarks of Project Management Institute, Inc.

Project Management & Project Management PDUs

Download Full Course List (PDF)
Course No.Project Management Professional (PMP)®LengthPDUs
637PMP: 01-Project Management Overview2:002.00
638PMP: 02-Managing Projects within Organizations2:301.50
639PMP: 03-Project Management Process Groups2:002.00
642PMP: 06-Initiation Basics, Developing a Project Charter and Project Management Plan2:002.00
640PMP: 04-Execution, Monitoring and Controlling2:002.00
641PMP: 05-Project Change Control and Closure2:301.50
643PMP: 07-Collecting Requirements and Defining Scope2:151.75
644PMP: 08-Monitor and Control Project Scope2:301.50
645PMP: 09-Defining and Sequencing Project Activities2:301.50
647PMP: 11-Estimating Activity Resources and Durations1:151.25
646PMP: 10-Developing and Controlling the Project Schedule2:301.50
649PMP: 13-Estimating & Budgeting Project Costs2:152.25
648PMP: 12-Controlling Costs1:151.25
650PMP: 14-Project Quality Planning2:151.75
651PMP: 15-Quality Assurance and Cost Control2:002.00
669PMP: 17-Planning Projects for Human Resources2:301.50
956PMP: 16-Managing Projects for Human Resources1:151.25
671PMP: 19-Stakeholders and the Communication Management Plan2:301.50
670PMP: 18-Processes for Managing Project Communications2:002.00
654PMP: 22-Risk Management Planning2:301.50
652PMP: 20-Identifying Project Risks2:151.75
653PMP: 21-Performing Risk Analysis2:002.00
655PMP: 23-Risk Response, Monitor and Control1:151.25
658PMP: 25-Planning Procurement for Your Project2:301.50
657PMP: 24-Managing Procurement During Your Project2:301.50
1135PMP: 26-Stakeholder Identification and Planning1:001.00
1136PMP: 27-Project Stakeholder Engagement and Communication1:001.00
Course No.Management and CommunicationLengthPDUs
496Appraising Performance3:153.50
499Business Communication Fundamentals1:001.50
500Better Business Writing1:001.50
490Coaching with Confidence6:305.00
880Effective Presentation Skills0:000.50
487Effective Delegation4:003.00
501Email Etiquette2:302.50
498Facilitating Meetings and Groups7:007.00
543Basics of Leadership: 01-Leadership Challenges1:001.00
933Multigeneration Management: 05-Developing Generations1:001.00
492Making Humor Work at Work1:151.25
489Mentoring that Matters7:007.00
488Negativity in the Workplace4:004.00
509Successful Negotiation1:001.00
532The Change Process2:302.50
479Understanding Business Ethics2:002.00
515Successful Hiring1:151.25
512Successful Termination1:151.25
178Advanced Management Skills5:005.00
511Management 101: 01-Introduction to Management1:001.00
1026Management 101: 02-Leading and Communicating as a Manager1:001.00
1027Management 101: 03-Making an Impact as a Manager1:001.00
1028Management 101: 04-Taking Control as a Manager1:001.00